Question about calculation of self-and mutual resistance using eddy solver

    • hujun peng

      Hello everyone,

      i am using eddy current solver to calculate the impedance-maxtrix of several conductors in one slot of electrical machines. 

      I am confuesed of the description of the way to calculate the resistance matrix in the maxwell document. 

      For me, the self and mutual resistance in the matrix should consider the losses in the conductor, its neighboring conductors and the stator iron. 

      After simulation, the calculated resistance values seem smaller than my estimation.

      Therefore, i think that there may be some understanding issues on the way how the resistance in eddy current solver is calculated. 


      Thank your very much.  

    • Deyu Li
      Ansys Employee

      hi, the equation in the screenshot is only calculating self resistance, there is another equation for mutual resistance.

      Reference paper: J. Pleite, etc. “Modeling of Magnetic Components based on Finite Element Techniques”.

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