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Question about Chemistry Solver drop-down list in species model

    • Mepal



      I am going to activate a chemical reaction in Fluent. However, I am curious about the choice I should use.

      1.      When I learned a tutorial from youtube, there was a "non-explicit source" option. But my version, 2022R2, has a "non-direct source" option.


      Does "non-explicit source" is "non-direct source"?


      2.      According to Ansys Fluent User's Guide 2022R2 page 2249, I am confused about this phrase "If you want to make explicit use of chemistry source terms in the species transport equations, without a stiff-chemistry solver, select None - Direct Source."

      Could you please explain the meaning of "use of chemistry source terms in the species transport equations"?

      Does chemistry source terms is the parameters we set in a reaction (below picture)?

      3.      What is the difference between "None - Direct Source" and "Stiff Chemistry Solver"?

      Please advise.


    • Essence
      Ansys Employee


      Please refer to the user's manual provided: 46.4. Models Task Page (ansys.com)

      If you are unable to access the link, follow this Forum discussion https://forum.ansys.com/forums/topic/using-help-with-links/#latest

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