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Question about importing external data to model of ansys workbench

    • lzfneu


      There is an external file contains heat generation rate of four columns discrete data and they are in cylindrical coordiation system. The four columns are r,phi,z and heat generation rate(unit is W/cm^3). I use external data model of ansys workbench to import the data and the reaction probe shows there is 1785W power after importing. However, the data are 10kW in reality.

      My question is if the result is right to just scale 5.6 times in Imported Heat Generation form to adjust the power equal to 10kW to perform steady temperature calculation.

      If it is not right to do so, do I need to insert apdl commands to import the heat generation rate in the corresponding node coordination, and could you please instruct me where to insert apdl commands to import the data,moreover, how to write the apdl code to achieve the goal. 

      Thank you very much.

    • Rahul Kumbhar
      Ansys Employee

      Can you check the output 'Imported Data Summary' under the imported heat generation. It may be that 100% mapping is not done.

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