Question about using a cluster with CPU (and possibly GPU)

    • Jules Heaulme

      Hi all,

      I am running some very heavy 2 phases flow transient simulation on a cluster and it is still taking a long time so I have few questions.

      • Is there any way to have an idea of how many cores to use (maybe in function of the number od element...)?
      • Would using a GPU accelerate the calculations? If yes how many GPU? Also how to use them, I already had the opportunity to do a test but fluent did not use the GPU (I had specified that I wanted to use 1GPU when launching fluent). My simulation iscurrently taking 4 days with 24 cores so using GPUs could definitly interest me!

      Thanks by advance,


    • Vivek Praveen
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Jules,

      Which version of Fluent are you using?


    • Jules Heaulme

      I'm using Ansys 2021R2 but I will probably move soon to 2022R1 or 2023R1.

      I tried to follow some tutorials about how to use GPUs with Fluent but it only slow down the computation...

      (for your information I'm modeling a multiphase flow with VoF and a pressure-coupled method)

    • Kishan Konannavar
      Ansys Employee


      GPU can be leveraged to accelerate solution. Prior to 2022, CPU would offload parts of solution to GPU, but the acceleration achieved was problem dependent. From 2022, the native multi-GPU solver option provides solver features on the GPU itself which results in much faster solution times. The workflow is similar to that of CPU, however, for now, GPU solver has limitations which includes unavailability of multiphase models. 

      34.9. Features Supported by the Fluent GPU Solver (ansys.com)

      Unleashing the Full Power of GPUs for Ansys Fluent

      Unleashing the Full Power of GPUs for Ansys Fluent, Part 2



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