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Question about wing mesh division

    • IKUTA Motoki

      I am a university student who has started using Ansys.

      I would like to create and analyze an airplane wing using NACA0021, but the mesh of the trailing edge of the wing cannot be divided properly.

      If I make the entire mesh too fine to allow mesh division of the trailing edge, the number of meshes will become too large.
      I am thinking that if I can make only the mesh near the trailing edge finer, I can solve this problem, but I don't know how.

      I would like someone to tell me how to do this.

      Best regards,


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Please have a look at the courses in Learning and in the tutorials in the Mesher Help system. 

    • Federico Alzamora Previtali

      What are you using for meshing? Agree with Rob, there are several courses on this topic.

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