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Question regarding MHD and velocity flow interaction

    • bv169

      The velocity output from a model run in Fluent is constant at 0.1 m/s at all depths (initialized as so). After running, the velocity flow did not change, as it was expected to since it is affected by the B-field as there is an interplay between the two. The originally constant flow will be forced into the function shown below, but instead it remained constant even after 500 time steps. I have the model running transient, LES, MHD with lorentz force and an applied magnetic field.


    • RM
      Ansys Employee



      - Is this a steady state simulation? Could you please try running it in transient mode?


      • Please check the MHD BC to see if they are set up correctly.
      • Are the electrical properties for solid updated in material definition?
      • Also confirm if the applied values of field through MAG data are correct and data is in correct format.
      • Ensure that the conducting material is selected in MHD module


      Please check and try these suggestions. Hope this helps!


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