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Question regarding position of origin on the draf and lift forces?

    • fadi932

      Hi all,

      Can anyone please tell me, will there be any effect of the position of origin on my geometry in the calculation of drag and lift forces? If my axes direction remain the same but origin is shifted to the centre or at the edge, will it affect the result?

      Secondly, I am setting my operating density as air density and my aim is to compute hydrodynamic forces on a bridge and I am using VOF and k-omega SST. Can anyone please tell me as I have read in the literature I have to minus the effect of buoyancy from the lift force, is this right? Thanks



    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Origin location should have no effect on the force, but may alter moments if you don't set the pivot point correctly.  Buoyancy force shouldn't alter the water forces as they're normal to the flow? 

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