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Questions about HEAT FLUX in mechanical

    • Lithoman

      Hello, ANSYS 
      I am using the Transient thermal and structural modules to create a model to verify thermal deformations of very small change (sub-nm).

      Currently, the minimum size of the model I am trying to study is 26 mm * 33 mm. The shape of the model is very simple, but I am having a very hard time with the heat flux because I am giving the heat in 10 nm increments in the x coordinate as shown below.

      What I am trying to ask is, 
      In order for the simulation to recognize the heat flux at those 10 nm intervals, is it an absolute requirement to have a mesh of a reasonable size? such as 10 nm size element?

      Also, as a student, my simple heat loading question is that as the size of the heat load applied increases, the size of the deformation in the model increases, and I would appreciate if you could explain the reasoning behind this.

      I would love to discuss any other approaches or solutions to implementing heat fluxes as low as 10 nm spacing into a 26 mm wide model.

      Thank you.





    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      If you have such a variation in heat flux like you show in the colourful last image in your post, then we need to have  small enough mesh size to capture that - imagine if you had only one element across that variation it would not of course be possible to capture it.
      Hope this helps

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