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Questions about user custom material plugins

    • xudong Zhang
      Before referring to the header file (StepIndex. h) and (stepIndex. cpp) of the official stepindex material plug-in, I compiled a dielectric material with dielectric constant change over time , but recently I need to change the relative permeability(not over time) on this basis. Using the original material header file can not achieve the result I want.
      At present, it seemed that the problem is about the class in the header file, I wonder if there is an official person who can contact to discuss how to deal with this problem, or is Lumerical not able to implement this method?
      The picture here always reminds me that it is not available, and I do not know how to solve it, but I can only attach a description of the two types of code.
      class MaterialPluginFactory : public IMaterialPluginFactory
          IMaterialPlugin* createInstance(){return new T(); }
          void destroyInstance(IMaterialPlugin* i){delete i; }
          IMagneticMaterialPlugin* toMagneticMaterialPlugin(IMaterialPlugin* p){return  dynamic_cast(p); }
    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      This is duplicated with another one.

      • xudong Zhang


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