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3D Design

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Questions from the Thema how can FEM-analyse from the model,based on Gcode(3D-)

    • Stern Q

      Hi :)

      I'm trying to get some knowhow about 3D printing and FEM analyse, and also about Spaceclaim.

      My Idea is,

      1. make a rectangular beam 
      2. Make a Infill geomerty by 3D printing slicer
      3. export the model STL or OBJ(maybe other option) with infill geometry
      4. Import in to Spaceclaim and Mesh
      5. Ansys analyse

      So, this is the model what i got from the Model by OBJ. 

                                                 Solid model                                                     from                                                      Sliced OBJ data

      This model has too much surface to mesh. Originally it's just normal rectangular beam with Infill geomerty.

      • How can i this model simplify to analyse?
      • Is there better Method to get a 3D Printed model to spaceclaim?
      • And also I tried to use autorepair when it's STL data and Shrinkwrap(Infill geo are gone)


      Thank you.

    • Ashish Kumar
      Forum Moderator



      Ansys employees cannot look into the model. But please try a google search with following keywords: '3D PRINTED MODEL TO SPACECLAIM' and you may find relevant articles.



      Ashish Khemka

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