Questions on Partially Premixed Combustion on Fluent

    • jasonsum25


      1. I saw from the above tutorial that Partially Premixed Combustion limits only two inflows in the simulation, it is really the case that it would not work if I have a geometry (combustion chamber) with two burners and two air fans? (Cap from the tutorial)

      2. Also, how to determine the mass fraction values for every reactant in this tab in case diesel is used instead of methane? I do not understand how to come up with the values under "fuel" column. 

                                          (Cap from the tutorial)

      Sincerely thanks for help and answer!!~

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      I suspect you can have more than two boundaries but maybe only two material inputs? Ie one fuel & one oxidiser. What happens if you try adding more boundaries?

      For the mixture, you can alter the materials (species) used. 

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