Questions regarding EME simulation and importing source fields into EME and FDTD

    • Ciel16

      Hello All,

      I am currently trying to simulate an AMMI structure. The total length of the structure is about 5500 um, and it's hard to simulate by using varFDTD. The structure can be seen below:

    • Kyle
      Ansys Employee

      Sorry for the delay in replying. This will be a very challenging device to simulate. FDTD/varFDTD shouldn't be used to simulate the long waveguide section due to the artificial dispersion introduced by the discretization. It might be possible to simulate the entire device with the EME solver, though. The EME solver can simulate propagation in angled waveguides, but it will require a large number of modes and cells along the angled sections. The issue with your EME simulations might be that you're not using enough modes, I would first try increasing the number of modes you're using, then using a mode convergence test to see if you're using enough modes.
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