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    • Zhoubin NI


      We are working on a project that is doing the tensile test simulation with explicit dynamics to see the fracture in Ansys Workbench. Our project is work on the DLP printer so the geometry in the simulation is layer by layer method with varying angle

      Is there any way to help me quickly build many cuboid of reducing size(black arrow) and cuboid of the same size with different angles(red arrow)? In our case, we have to combine over 100 layers together.

      This image shows how the pattern work but it seem it can’t help our issue.

      Thanks in advance.

    • Sampat Kumar


      Hi Zhoubin NI, 
      I am suggesting some methods to create the above-mentioned geometry. 

      1) Red arrow pattern: The pattern is of the same size.
      You have to make a block, draw a path according to the desired angle, make the pattern of the block along the path, and adjust the offset according to the design so that blocks don’t overlap each other. “You should choose frozen material for the first body to avoid the bodies merging to form a single body,” and then you will get the same size of the pattern as specified by the red arrow.

      2) Black arrow pattern: The pattern is of reduced size.
      You have to make a block and draw two lines at the specified angle to make the paths, and then make two patterns along the paths that will create the desired pattern for your analysis. Use the specified angle to control the path that you have selected for making the desired dimension of the pattern. Select the frozen material concept here too.

      I have attached the picture that I made in the Design Modeler.

      You can use the mirror option to make the same black arrow-type pattern in the opposite direction.

      Thank you and best wishes.

      Sampat Kumar


    • Zhoubin NI

      Thanks for the response. Is possible recored a video shows how did you work on ansys or any refer video on youtube?

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