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Quick doubt about optimisation

    • garazilizaso

      Good morning, 


      I have a quick question about optimising a model in Ansys. If I want to seek a target for a variable, the tolerance that appears in Ansys is in percentage? 

      That is what I mean. If my target is 0.067, the 5% of it would be around 0.0034. But should I directly put 0.05? Thank you so much

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee




      Tolerance should have the same units as the target  so it should be 0.0034 mm, and 0.004 mm (tolerance) – also they seem to be Target/20 in your case.


      For more info and help see perhaps the help manual:

      Defining Optimization Objectives and Constraints (

      All the best



    • garazilizaso

      Okay! Yes, in my case I want an error of 5 %, so that's what I've calculated. Thanks!

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