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Quick question: Orthotropic elastic material properties in Workbench

    • cheng089413

      Dear Community,

      Just a quick question about material definition inWB

      As shown below, I am wondering the poisson ratios input in WB are in terms of major poisson ratios or minor poisson ratios? 

      Or it strictly follows the order the how x,y and z is arranged. Assume x is the strongest material axis, then Poisson Ratio xy is major, and YZ is major one as well, XZ is also major. Is my understanding correct?

      Thank you!

    • Ashish Kumar
      Forum Moderator



      Yes, the entries are major Poisson's ratio.



      Ashish Khemka

      • cheng089413

        Hello Ashish, appreciate you answered my second question in this post and thank you for your time!

        I am still confused about the MP entries here. What if the z axis is the strongest material axis? If so, isn't it poisson ratio yz and xz minor ones?

        Or say it can only assume in WB MP entries that x is the strongest and not allowed for other axes to be the strongest ones? 

        Thank you for your help!

        Kind regards!

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