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Racing team having trouble activating licenses

    • Brandon Hablinski

      My team has recently obtained research grade licenses for Ansys and we are having trouble using them. We followed the instructions provided and the youtube videos to no avail. 

      We are attempting to use the Ansys Academic Research Mechanical and CFD license on another computer than the admin account is to increase the amount of FEA nodes they can use in their simulations.
      I have administrator access for the licenses but I am trying to get the license files for one of my member's computers. Ideally, we want to share the license between mutliple computers, but one step at a time I suppose.

      Currently we did these steps:

      1. Downloaded the Ansys License Manager software on the admin computer
      2. Obtained the host name and disk serial number from the license manager software
      3. plugged in the information into the online license software and obtained the license file by "Save Email"
      4. forwarded the email to the member.
      5. Member installs license file into their local manager software through "Install license file"
      6. Though "Ansys license settings" and "License servers" we put in the 4 digit number noted on the first line of the license file for the port and the hostname for "Server 1"
      7. Upon starting up mechanical on MY computer (the admin account) as a test, (with the only difference being I saved the license file directly to my computer) we were successfully able to simulate as many nodes in the FEA as we wanted.
      Upon doing this for the member, they were stopped by the software claiming they didnt have the license, despite the mechanical software stating the licenses in the license tab. I've put what they see in the mechanical software below. Even with this, the software still claims that they have a FEA node limit.

      Please advise.

    • Mrunali Barde

      Hello Brandon , 
      Can you please check if each member has enough license to access application without conflict?


      • Brandon Hablinski

        Currently, we are only trying to activate the license on one computer. We tested the licenses on my computer and it worked, but when we deactivated the licenses and activated them on another computer, it did not work on their computer.

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