Radiation Model for Rolling Stock HVAC

    • bervyngoh

      Hello everyone,

      I am currently in the midst of studying the interior air-flow and temperature profile of a train using ANSYS Fluent and while I have the boundary conditions for the fluid flow:

      1. velocity-inlets: for cold air
      2. pressure-outlets: for open doors
      3. mass-flow-outlets: for return air,

      I am not sure which radiation model to use in order to have a better temperature analysis. I would like to model the heat load from solar radiation, heat generated from equipment in the the cabin/passengers as well as the ambient air temperature outside of the train.

      How can I include these effects into my calculation to make my model more realistic? I have the following values with units in brackets:

      Outside temperature/humidity (degrees Celcius)
      passenger sensible heat load/latent head load (Watts/Passenger)
      transfer heat load through car body (W/K)
      Total Equipment heat load (W)
      Solar Radiation Heat Load (W/m^2)

      Thank you for your time and help!

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