radiation model

    • lieyna

      Hi all, 

      I need help in suggestion and explanation of radiation model of my case. I want to simulate the electric wire which has surrounded by air. So in 2D model, I draw the diameter wire inside air domain and i was assign the velocity inlet and outlet between the adjacent  wall of wire and top wall as well as bottom wall boundary. The sub was imposed on top of the wire. However, I'm not sure which radiation model is suitable for my case. I was consider P1 and rosseland as it doesn't have much parameter but I need to find the absorption coefficient which it is bot constant if i not mistaken. Or does I need to consider DO model as it depends on the  wavelength. 


      I want to avoid used DO model as it seem have complex parameter need to assign. Can I just assume like that or do i need consider Do model? How can I know to choose them?


      I hope someone will help to clarify my uncertainty as I am beginner in Fluent. Your help is much appreciate. Thanks.





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