Radiation of a satellite: Surface-to-surface or to-ambient

    • RicardoGomes

      Hi all, 


      I'm performing a thermal analysis of a satellite subsystem (antenna). However, I'm having some issues relating to the model that I'm implementing on ANSYS. I've already computed the values for the solar flux, albedo and IR that the satellite is subject and I've applied it to different areas of the radome and support, together with the heat generated by the antenna. Then, I inserted "radiation" to ambient in almost all geometries that are in the exterior of the satellite. I defined the temperature as Tspace = 3 K. 


      After, I inserted a correlation "surface-to-surface" between certain geometries (that view each other), but since I've already applied on that geometries a correlation "to ambient" it does compute. By this, I mean can I apply a Surface-to-Surface Radiation load to a geometric entity that is already attached to another Radiation load, in this case to ambient? 


      My solution?? yet to discuss, it to define all the geometries radiation to the ambient, and compute in Matlab, and based on estimated View factors of each surface, determine the heat flux each one will receive form the coupled surface. Is this the right way to go?




    • tcs engineer

      Dear RicardoGomes

      am not in the state to advice you, but logically the approach you did seems to be right.

      I am having the similar problem, i would like to do mini satellite thermal analysis, using ansys fluent, may be you can guide me for my problem, particularly vacuum creating and albedo and flux calculation (i wanted to learn how to setup this problem in ansys ) 

      I request you to connect me through VIJAYBR1993@gmail.com,  

    • Kabir

      I want to analyze the temperature distribution over the plate (orthotropic thermal property) when it is heating up by the infrared radiative bulb with distance of 5 mm. For that, I have calculated form factor/view factor in the Matlab and convert heat flux in terms of the power. I do not know how to apply heat flux in terms of tabular form. Could you please help me to solve the problem? For the personal question answer please connect me through ks3477003@gmail.com.

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