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Railcar Structure Fatigue Analysis

    • nahyerz

      Hello everyone. My Name is Reyhan and im a final year student in Mechanical engineering. My Final Project is Fatigue Analysis of a Railcar Structure carbody using Al 6005A T6 as Material. i have calculated the longitudinal dynamic force for several condition. The condition is

      1. When train in Steady condition ( with constant speed at 160 km/h )
      2. When train in Acceleration ( with a = 0.42 m/s )
      3. When train in Deacceleration ( with a = -0.8 m/s )
      4. When train in Curve track
      5. When train in Gradient

      That 5 Condition, i got the longitudinal dynamic forces. My Question is, how can i combine that. so in 1 workcycle i have that 5 condition. and how i must do in Ansys Simulation? Because when i search for any guides or tutorial, i do not find how to do that.



    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      When you have 5 different scenarios the logical approach would be to find out what combination of these cases gives you the worst case scenario/ maximum load on your components. Right? Lets say you want to design the front wheel hub of a car. The maximum loading condition on one of the front wheel hub would be when the car is on a down hill, cornering and braking at the same time right. Designing the hub with this condition would give you the highest safety margin. Once you identify this condition, you could perform a structural analysis accordingly and use a fatigue tool to find out its life.
      Regards Ishan.
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