RAM filled with buffer cache

    • chun khai tan


      The console shows the following message

      "RAM filled with buffer caches". A screenshot is attached. 

      May I know what is the reason and how to resolve this? 

      It stated "please use -cflush flag to flush the cache" But I`m not sure how to use this. 


    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

         A continious increase in file buffer cache results in performance loss. This might happen over a period of time because of I/O activitiy. Some OS do not free up cache even if Anys Fluent session has been closed. More details to be found in the Fluent User's Guide.

      Now In the Fluent launcher you can put the -cflush flag in the "Fluent Root Path" field. This is visible when you select "Show More Options" in the Fluent Launcher. Starting from command line you can just use the flag -cflush.

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