RCWA and Meshing

    • fdtdisgreat

      Hi all,

      Quick question. Does the mesh we set in an FDTD file affect the results of RCWA (using the rcwa script command)? Asking because I know RCWA is semi-analytical.

      Thanks in advance!

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      No, RCWA has its own input parameters. As you can see from the online example it only uses the periods and geometry with material properties. details can be found here

    • Kyle
      Ansys Employee

      Hello mfoley,

      The RCWA solver does use a mesh similar to FDTD, but it doesn't use the mesh actually defined by the FDTD object. It calculates its own mesh based on the properties of the RCWA simualtion itself. The mesh of the FDTD object doesn't affect the RCWA simulation.

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