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RCWA- different results from RCWA script and GUI


    • xiaofei.xiao15

      I use the same structure and settings (number of k) in the script and the GUI. However, the two results from them are different.

      1. I am not sure where the problems should be.

      2. where can I set the mesh in the script?

      3. How can I check the structure of the script? Can I see the refractive index distribution?

      4. how can I check the absorption in each position? Can I use a pre-defined absorption monitor for this purpose?

      5. When there is a metal, calculating the field doesn't seem easy. How to solve this problem?




    • xiaofei.xiao15

      also , how to only select the polarization in the GUI?

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      A1: unfortuately we cannot diagnose the issue with limited information and the forum policy. I would suggest that you use an oline example and compare the results.

      A2: the mesh is defined in this  

      discretization = linspace(-a/2,a/2,51); # z locations where fields will be calculated

      A3: once you run the script, the objects are shown with FDTD object where you can see the structures as usual.

      A4: If you want to check the absorption inside the structure, please monitor the ix website as such featue is requested previously. If it is published you can vote. Or you can file it again.

      Vote new features, and file your feature request  


      A5. You are right that traditionally it is not easy to simulate metals using RCWA. We encourage customers to try the new RCWA and see what difficulties or challenges you face and we'd like to help you. Please write a new post for this.


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