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Reaction Force of two materials due to incident waves in Ansys Aqwa

    • nurhalimputra117

      Here it can be seen that the motion of the pontoon is not restrained by the fixed piles on each side. the fix piles as if they didn't exist.

      Hi everybody,

      Here I'm doing a floating breakwater simulation to find out the reaction of the fixed pile strength, in overcoming the movement of the pontoon due to incoming waves. there are 2 objects, namely the pontoon, and the fixed pile.

      I need 3 solutions :
      1. How much force/moment is acting on the fixed pile, due to the force reaction from the pontoon movement.
      2. How do I simulate the visual animation, because I have tried, but the fixed pile does not react to the motion of the pontoon (the fixed pile penetrates the pontoon body).
      3. How do I simulate the force/moment contours into a Hydrodynamic Diffraction wave simulation. Because I only found the contours due to the influence of waves, not because of the motion of the pontoon.

      How are the settings in AnsysAqwa, to get these 3 solution points. Thanks, I hope someone can help me

    • Yu Bi
      Ansys Employee

      Hi, you need to define fenders on the fixed pile or pontoon to get reaction forces between the pontoon and fixed pile. 

      You can turn off Include Incident/Diffracted/Hydrostatic Wave option in the Pressures and Motions results and only include radiation wave which is caused by the motion of the pontoon.

    • nurhalimputra117


      I have set the fenders at each point of contact between the fixed piles and the pontoon. with settings as below. but as a result, in hydrodynamic diffraction, the fixed piles still penetrate the surface of the pontoon, when moving due to incident waves. can't this be simulated in hydrodynamic diffraction?


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