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General Mechanical

reaction forces and contact region.

    • kenil


      Here I tried to understand how basis thing work with force reaction probe.

      I setup two cantilever beam 10mm*1mm(diameter) with frictional less contact at 9mm and 30N remote forces applied on upper contact beam on very end


      1) what are those values of 1.25 on 'contact tool status' part and is there any way to find contact area of pressure point .

      2) I get the values of reaction force on target beam as 27N but why the contact beam facing 60N reaction forces very far than values 30N.

      3) under the section force reaction - extraction - contact region(contact element) is showing error when we start that function.

      4) while with the reduced mesh size about 0.1mm showing different result like all reaction forces value decreases.

      please suggest me what should I do here in this setup so everyone can trust this out put data.

      my main objective is to find contact forces in all three direction.

    • peteroznewman
      Array Read this blog post.nArrayContact Miscellaneous. Turn On if Contact Based Force Reactions are desired. nThe useful part of the Contact Status is that the contacts are Sticking.nPlot the result data vs. Element Size. You should see the values converging on the true solution. A coarse mesh is an approximate solution.n
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