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    • Joana101

      Hi, everyone, now I'm simulating a methanation reaction using UDF. The macro defined in my UDF is net_reaction_rate. From Ansys help noted that:

      Note that net reaction rate UDFs may only be used with the laminar finite-rate model (with stiff chemistry enabled), the EDC model, the PDF Transport model, or the surface chemistry model. Therefore, you must use one of the following groups of settings in the Species Model dialog box:


      • To enable the laminar finite-rate model, select Species Transport, enable Volumetric in the Reactions group box, select Laminar Finite-Rate in the Turbulence-Chemistry Interaction group box, and enable Stiff Chemistry Solver in the Options group box.


      • To enable the EDC model, select Species Transport, enable Volumetric in the Reactions group box, and select Eddy-Dissipation Concept in the Turbulence-Chemistry Interaction group box.


      • To enable the PDF Transport model, select Composition PDF Transport and enable Volumetric in the Reactions group box.


      • To enable the surface chemistry model, select Species Transport and enable Volumetric and Wall Surface in the Reactions group box.

      and my question is can this macro also be used in Multiphase by mixture model, because when I choose mixture model, then some options such as EDC PDF are unviewable and there is no option for stiff chemistry solver. Thanks for your reply.

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