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Reading Abaqus file in Ansys, and losing the material assignment

    • BiomedModeller

      Dear all,

      We are trying to import an ABAQUS file into ANSYS workbench followingly:

      1. We have a tetrahedral mesh in Abaqus with elemental material assignment, i.e.  4 materials distributed around in the solid, and there are clusters of elements with different material properties.

      2. Importing the .inp file into the "FE Modeller" module in workbench, the mesh, and the material assignments are correctly recognized.

      3. Connecting the 'model' component in the FE Modeller to the 'model' component in the "Transient Structural" module, we recognize that the elemental material assignments are all lost.


      The ultimate goal is to run FSI in Ansys, where the mesh and material assignment are directly read from the Abaqus file.

      I would appreciate any input in this matter, and could provide files if required.

      Thank you so much! 

    • Rohith Patchigolla
      Ansys Employee


      FE Modeler is not supported anymore. 

      Recommended option is to use "External Model" (under Components in WB project page) for importing FE data.

      Saying this, is your FE Modeler is also connected to "Engineering Data" cell of "Transient Structural"? If not, please re-try with this step. 

      Best regards,


    • BiomedModeller

      Thanks a lot!
      Problem solved!

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