Realising the motion of solids in workbench as achieved in transient Maxwell

    • niranjanmk16

      Dear Ansys community,

      In my current project, I am performing simulations on induction heating. The electromagnetic simulations are run in ANSYS Maxwell and the results are integrated with transient thermal in Ansys Workbench to determine the temperatures.

      In transient Maxwell, I was able to realize translational and rotational movement. When I couple it with transient thermal in Workbench I am unable to apply the loads transiently and also unable to give the same movement as achieved in Maxwell.

      Reading through forums and discussing with my colleagues, couple-field transient in workbench was suggested for performing these simulations.

      My Questions are,

      1. Should I stick with transient thermal and write APDL commands to

      a) change the type of element, 

      b) import the loss from maxwell transiently 

      c) realize the movement of the inductor and workpiece?


      2. Should I choose coupled field transient for this application. If yes then How can I import the losses from Maxwell as I don't find any option for that?

      I am unsure how to implement the coupling with coupled field transient and also programming in MAPDL in combination with the transient thermal with these elements.

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      Hi niranjanmk16,

      You can refer to the below link for information related to your simulation

      If you are a student or if you cannot access the above help link.

      Please refer to the below forum discussion for help on how to access the Ansys help.



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