Reconciling loss calculations in mode

    • laserboi97

      Hi, I'm trying to calculate the approximate losses in a wave guide structure with a layer with a specific n,k defined (0.055, 3.7).

      Using the mode solver, I obtain a modal loss is 70 dB/cm.

      I have also calculated the confinement (power in lossy layer / overall mode power) in this lossy layer to be around 0.00062. The absorption coefficient converted from k = 3.7 is about 8.3 x10^5 /cm = 3.6 x 10^6 dB/cm. So the modal loss I approximate to be around 0.00062 * 3.6 x 10^6 = 2232 dB/cm, which seems very different to the loss calculated in the solver.

      Am wondering if anyone is able to explain this discrepancy and/or if there's anything fundamentally wrong with the way I've calculated the modal loss.

      Now, i would attach my script and files that i used to do the calculations, but seems with the new ANSYS format, I can't upload the lms/script files.


    • Taylor Robertson
      Ansys Employee

      I think this argument is a bit dubious, and would check the conversion of kappa using the formulae outline here.

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