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Reduced Integration with SOLID185

    • lucasulpizio

      Hi everyone,

      I am running a bending test simulation on a plate constrained in the corners, with an applied load in the middle. for constraing and applying the load, I used small square surfaces, so I needed to create the contact pairs between the plate and the small square surfaces. For the contact pair I used CONTA174 and TARGET170, while for meshing the plate I used SOLID185. I also needed to define real constants for the contact pair. If I run the simulation with full integration (KEYOPT(2)) of SOLID185 set to 0) everything is ok, but if I run the reduced integration (KEYOPT(2)=1) I get an error when I start running the analysis: "Real constant 1 has been referenced by at least element types 1 (SOLID185) and 3 (CONTA174), one of which is contact element type". It is strange because checking my apdl code, I have never reffered SOLID185 to the real constant 1. I need to run the reduced integration because it seems to solve some problems about shear locking. Anyone does know what to do?

    • Wenlong
      Ansys Employee

      Hi lucasulpizio,

      Sorry about the late reply. If you still need help, do you mind posting some of your APDL commands here?




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