Reducing interfaces and boundary conditions in a large assembly.

    • k.m.vanderkleij
      Hello all,

      I am trying to simulate a system which has quite a few smaller parts that are assembled next to eachother with cooling between them. What I want to do is let all components have the same heat generation. When I open my assembly after meshing it, Fluent generates quite a long list of interfaces, walls and shadows which prevents me from selecting  all components in one click.

      I have tried making a named selection in the meshing tool but Fluent still seems to split the components up since they are separated. Is there a way to merge these walls so that I can select all components with one click and only apply heat generation once or a way to prevent Fluent from overwriting my existing named areas? ( I have also tried the "fuse" function but I don't think that yields the correct results either, it gave quite a few errors)

      Thanks in advance.
    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      As you've (probably) not shared the topology (SpaceClaim) or created a multibody part (DesignModeler) the various volumes aren't connected. That then gives you the interface zones. Fix that, and label the cell zones (fluid & solid) and you may find you have fewer wall zones.
      Note, you will always get a different surface label with each volume label: that's intended. 
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