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Refine mode does not generate results for a User-Defined Solid

    • arkadiuszdoroz

      I cannot get any structural results in "Refine" mode when using a User-Defined Solid. I even went as far as duplicating an existing material's properties thinking that maybe the properties I entered were a bit too "farfetched". Explore mode works fine for the User-Defined material, but once in "Refine", the simulation begins, develops a mesh, and then seems to come to an end without any results, errors, messages etc. Only thing I noticed is an "out of date" message when I hover over the cog after the sim is "complete".


      This is a very simple sim, and is my first run-in with the software... First impressions are sub-par. I cannot figure this out... I've done a restart, re-imported models, re-defined everything in a new file, etc. to no avail.

    • Subashni Ravichandran
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Arkadiusz Doroz

      Does this issue occur with the sample models as well or with any one specific model you are trying to simulate?

      Can you please share the latest folder containing the log files at the below location?


      Also, if this happens with a specific model, can you please share the model with us for investigation?

      You can email the logs and the file at

      • arkadiuszdoroz

        Hello Subashni 

        I just pulled in one of the Ansys provided sample models and I get the same error. The sim just stops and I get the same "out of date" message when I hover over the cog.

        So it seems like my initial model is not the root cause of the issue. I will email the logs over.

        Meanwhile, I am attempting to have Ansys Discovery re-installed if something went wrong on the initial install.

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