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Reflections within a shielding box

    • Steven Cheng

      Hi, I am trying to simulate the reflections received by a passive PCB circuit placed inside a shielding box using HFSS. As shown in the figure, the outermost box is the radiation boundary, the grey colored box is a hollow aluminum box, and the small rectangle within is the passive PCB circuit.


       However, the results I obtain are erroneous since I am getting an S11 > 0dB.

       Is HFSS the correct software to use? Is there any particular setting/setup to use for this scenario? Many thanks.

    • Mrinmoy Bharadwaj
      Ansys Employee

      Please revisit your analysis set-up and Sweep. This seems to be a result of incorrectly set-p analysis and sweep. In case you have access to our Ansys Learning Hub, please refer to the videos on setting up HFSS models for simulations for help.

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