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Reg Ansys License Manager Error


    • gowthamn

      Dear Support Team

      We purchased the ANSYS Academic Research Mech & CFD - 5 Tasks in 2017, which was working fine till last month, but supposedly the TECS expired on September 2018. My understanding is that the license is perpetual after the expiry, only the support stops. The current version we have is ANSYS19.0.

      Suddenly the license manager error happened and I couldn't find the license key or any *.lic file in ~/ANSYS Inc/ Shared Files/Licensing/ . I have attached the dialog box which appears

    • ANSYS_MMadore
      Ansys Employee
      The license should reside on the machine with ip address Unfortunately without any additional information such as your customer number or copy of license we can't offer much in whether this is due to the license being expired or not. You should be able to access the license server machine and check the License Manager to view the status and any errors it may be reporting in the ansysli_server.log or license.log files.nnThanksnMattn
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