Regarding Error in Ansys Meshing

    • fadi933

      Hi All, I was doing meshing in ANSYS Fluent but getting this error message "Some boundaries of protected topologies have been defeatured" Can anyone please help what does this mean and how I can overcome this error? I am struggling to improve my minimum orthogonal mesh quality. Thanks!

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
      It looks like some small faces have been ignored during meshing.
      Please check your sizing.
      Please check following videos

      Ansys Meshing Sizing:
      " target="blank">

      DM Share topology:
      " target="blank">

      SpaceClaim Share topology:
" target="blank">

Fluent Meshing Watertight Workflow:
" target="blank">

Regards Keyur
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