Regarding Problem in Discrete Ordinates Radiation Modeling in Ansys Fluent

    • subhamdas

      Dear All, 

      I am trying to perform simulation of a radiation problem in an enclosure filled with air and dust particles. The enclosure has a cylindrical shape(dia=0.025 mm, length=500 mm) and external radiation comes in from the circular cross-section and has a conical profile. Please refer to the image attached for a better understanding of the problem. I am using the discrete ordinates radiation to model the physics. I have set the following parameters in the Fluent Software:

      Theta, Phi Divisions: 8

      Theta, Phi Pixels: 4

      Beam Width: 1e-5(both theta and phi)

      Beam Direction: (1 0 0)

      Diffuse fraction: 0

      However, the beam that I am getting not what I had expected, The red contours in the figures when matched gives a perfect conical profile, however, the neighboring green and blue contours are unnecessary and I want to get rid of it. I tried to play with the above parameters but no improvement was observed. Looking forward to your support.


      Subham Das

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