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Regarding Shape memory alloy

    • Vikas Sharma

      In the example problem 40, spring is modelled as beam, but then stress is not enabled to measure, so if we model SMA-shape memory effect as a solid body with SOlid186 element type, then error due to convergence is a repetative problem, perhaps i am not able to do the named selection based constraints. How to solve it. Also, how to get a plot of Martensite volume fraction with respect to temperature and a 3axis plot of stress, strain and temp.

      Can anybody please help me. 

    • Ashish Kumar
      Forum Moderator

      Hi Vikas,

      Can you please share the details/ link to an example problem 40? Can you please share the details of the model?

      Please see if the following link help:

      (88) Shape memory alloy (SMA) simulation in Ansys mechanical: Part1 - YouTube


      Ashish Khemka

    • Vikas Sharma

      Thank you Ashish ji, but it (abovementioned link) shows the pseudoelasticity plot which i have already tried so far. I want to see the "martensite volume fraction vs temperature" and "3axis Stress Strain and Temperature plot" to validate the Shape Memory Effect. 

      Ref:    In this ref fig13 shows the martensite volume fraction but how they have plotted it. A descriptive step-wise procedure would be most helpful.

      Also, when the a SOLID185 element model is used, selecting node by named selection-worksheet method is very confusion. Can you please provide a document to understand make it more descriptive and handy. Somehow i have done it then the convergence is a problem. I am attaching the link of a zip file ( for you reference. You could see the spring is not only elongating but also deflecting in one direction this is because of "named selection based displacement constraints".

      looking forward toward solution.


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