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    • wangshuming

      Hello! I'm using the FDTD for a 3D simulation. However I do not know what the meaning of the output.

      In the Menu 'Data to record', I select the term 'Standard fourier transform' and all terms in the 'Fields' and the term 'output power' in the 'Poynting vector and power'. After the simulation, I got a Struct where the ‘‘E’’ is composed by a complex array with the shape 35433 * 3 * 31. I know that the '35433' is the number of elements in the detector, '3' refers to the 'Ex, Ey and Ez', '31' refers to the number of wavelength of light (a total of 31 lights with different wavelength are simulated). 

      However, where is the 'frequency'? According to the guidance from

      The output should be a function of frequency. So, what is the meaning of the output with shape 35433 * 3 * 31, why is the frequency dimension missing ? The screenshot of the setting is attached.

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee
      Frequency and wavelength can be exchanged by wavelength lambda =c/f where c is the light speed in vacuum and f is the frequency.
      Since you have recorded all the data, you can get them by use of a script:
      this is the dataset containc ExEyEz and xyz as well as f and lambda.
      to get the E field component and all other quantities, you can use the dot operation, eg
      It seems you are new to this tool, please refer some online resources and videos:
      Introduction to Lumerical datasets
      You can check the size of each variable, for example:
      Please try.

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