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Regarding the over lapping of structures while conducting modal analysis

    • Kiran_1995

      I have been conducting a modal analysis for spring-like structures, but while the simulations the spring structures are overlapping each other, How can we avoid such overlaps or restrict the movement till the point of contact? Could some one help on this.

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      It is because of the scaling (deformation scale factor) of the results - set it too something small. Anyway
      Modal analysis displacements (absolute values) are not of any significance really, it is only the relative/overall modeshape/motion that can be of interest and of course the eigenfrequency (natural frequency) of that modeshape.

      The actual displacement (values) is of significance though and and can be looked at, once we have applied a load (say a harmonic force) to the structure and carried out a harmonic analysis (that uses these modes to solve for the actual motion of the structure due to a force - this is called mode superposition harmonic analysis). See also this discussion for more/similar details:

      Finally, I would recommend our courses in modal and harmonic analysis which are free - see the courses section.
      All the best

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