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reinforcement bar not solved

    • Bukky1


      the reinforcement in my model refuses to solve and I do not know why

      I am a beginner on ansys and I do not know if I am doing the right thing

      This is a reinforced 3D printed concrete beam I modeled and imported into ansys workbench

      3D printed reinforced beam

      the reinforcement bars are embedded between the layers. all bodies are labeled so i assigned the concrete and structural steel materials accordingly

      i treated it as a simply supported beam, 


      only the hex dominant mesh worked for this model and it got solved but the rebars did not deform. I do not know how to use codes or APDL, but i copied the prep 7 code to try to bond the concrete to the steel but the solution output got stuck midway without progress for a long time

      this is the material parameters I set for concrete (its a cementitious mortar actully) and I am using the default structural steel for the rebars


      please help, it`s an emergency


    • Wenlong
      Ansys Employee
    • Bukky1

      thank you very much for your response.

      I do not know any codes, I am a beginner, however I found a solution thankfully.

      I selected the affected contact bodies and changed the formulation setting to `Beam`

      This was such a relief!


    • saravanan
      Mr.Bukky 1 can you please tell the procedure how you change the formulation setting yo beam its very urgent can you please tell as soon as possiblen
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