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General Mechanical

Remote displacement

    • bibas

      Based on previous discussions (e.g. this), I implement a displacement on the edge of the beam


      and then I shorten the beam length(less elements) to apply a remote displacement:


      with details like:



      From this I should expect same results right? But they are not the same (displacement as well):



      Did I do something wrong?

      attached is also the file.


    • peteroznewman
      Hi Beatriz nDelete that remote displacement.nInsert a Fixed Joint and select the one hole in the grey part at the top pin for Reference side, and the two holes in the green part for mobile.nInsert another Fixed Joint for the pin at the bottom.nInsert a Remote Displacement, but pick the bottom face of the grey part.nYou can edit the coordinates of the line of action of the Remote Displacement to put the Y coordinate where you want it along the grey part.n
    • bibas
      thank you for the answer but no matter what i do when i press play the wing appears to move back and forward like a flipper instead of going up and down with the lift applied.nHow should i set the remote displacement?nn
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