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General Mechanical

Remote displacement (as Hinge and Roller) scoped on Remote Point + vertical load. Convergence?

    • D_P

      Dear all,

      Hereunder there is the model that I am studying with ANSYS WB version 19.3.

      There are two loading faces (similar to a cup): one in the top and one in the bottom. Each of the faces have a constraint but only on the bottom face it is applied the load. In short:

      • Top face - Remote displacement (Hinge -> x,y,z=0; Rx,Ry,Rz=free)
      • Bottom face - Remote displacement (Roller -> x,z=0; y,Rx,Ry,Rz=free)
      • Bottom face - Load (Fx,Fz=0; Fy = ramp from 0 to 4000N)

      The remote displacements are applied to remote points joined to the internal side of the cups (one Remote Point for each cup), while the load is applied directly on the bottom cup (internal face).

      All the other parameters are showed in the image.

      The model does not have problems of convergence if I apply a Fixed Support on the top and the force on the bottom. Since I inserted the hinge and roller (remote displacement), it does not converge.

      If I impose the RP as Coupled to the surface, it converges but the physical behavior does not correspond to what I am looking for.

      The hinge and the roller should work as spherical joint where the two cup can swipe.

    • peteroznewman
      Dear Daniele nThank you for a well explained post.nThere is a problem with the constraints using Remote Points. A 3D Static Structural model needs to apply constraints for six Degrees of Freedom: three translations and three rotations. The top RP takes care of three translations. The bottom RP takes care of RotX by setting X=0 and RotZ by setting Z=0. The problem is RotY is Free, so the model has only constrained five DOF but needs to constrain six. Add RotY=0 to either the top RP or the bottom, I would choose the top, then solving can begin.nBest regards,nPetern
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