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Remote displacement following a curve line (or function)

    • gioeleg

      Dear all,

      I would like to ask if it is possible to e.g. displace an edge following a predefined curve. Like for example something similar to a distributed load on a beam, but for a displacement.

      What I am trying to do is to displace a wing following a predefined curve, one for the leading edge and one for the trailing edge. I have the curves but I do not know how to apply them as a Displacement (or Remote Displacement) input.

      One thing I tried to do was to apply a Remote Displacement at points every few meters on both leading and trailing edge, but then I get a strange behavior of the material, since at the point the wing skin is pulled in the direction of the displacement and so the skin strain (in which ultimately I am interested) is somewhat misrepresented I guess...

      Thank you in advance, I hope someone can help me!


    • peteroznewman
      It is much better to apply a pressure to a wing and allow the displacement to be computed.
      Break the wing up into surface patches to allow different pressure to be applied to leading edge patches than trailing edge patches. Make patch segments along the length of the wing.
      Say you have 8 patches, 4 along the leading edge and 4 along the trailing edge. Output the deformation of 10 points along the leading and trailing edges and compute the error at each point between the actual deformation and the target deformation. Iterate the 8 values of pressure until the error is reduced to an acceptable value.
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