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Remote Display

    • berryvery

      Ansys Mechanical is installed on Red Hat 8.9. I am able to SSH using a Windows terminal with Xming. No issues. However, when accesing with a Mac and XQuartz installed, I am able to launch Workbench and launch a project but when I click on Mechanical, it times out. It will say starting Mechanical and it is not able to launch. I've made sure to use the -X flag when typing SSH, any other suggestions? 

    • randyk
      Ansys Employee

      Please see ANSYS Platform page at:
      Xming is not officially tested or supported.

      Additionally, all tested remote desktop environments utilize server side rendering. 
      This requires a capable video card on the remote machine and software configured to utilize the hardware.

      You may consider installing VirtualGL and starting ANSYS applications with:  vglrun
      That is a requirement when using VNC so, it may resolve Xming compatibility issues.

      note: this suggestion does not imply Xming support.


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