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Removing base plate_Ansys Additive

    • s_safiza


      I am having problem related removing the base plate in AM process. I want to remove the base plate with an external static structural analysis instead of removing the base plate as a third step in AM analysis meaning that I want to map the stresses before removing from the base plate and then I will apply the same boundary condition to when the base plate is removed (deleting the contact between base plate and part, and applying three nodes as constrain with D command same as the way Ansys constrains the 3 nodes). In the result of my external static structural I should expect to see the similar equivalent stress as when the base plate is removed as the third step in AM analysis. But results are not the same! My question is why the results are not the same? I am applying the same boundary condition as Ansys dose for removal of the base plate but the results are not the same.

      Thank you 


    • John Doyle
      Ansys Employee

      I would start by compairing the ds.dat file saved to the Solver Directory from your AM simulation with your "external" simulation.  Also, compare the two solver outputs for clues of what is different.  

      Both simulation approaches need to follow exactly the same load history, with all the same boundary conditions, solver specifications, and on exactly the same mesh.

      Specifically, what are the MAPDL commands being used between the two approaches?  Is everything exactly the same?  How are you "...deleting the contact between base plate and part..."?  Are you using EKILL or doing something else?


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