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Replication of mechanical testing in Ansys workbench

    • saumil_d97

      I am currently trying to replicate the mechanical testing performed on a fruit into the Ansys workbench. I have included fruit properties in ansys through applying stress strain curve under uniaxial compression test (for flesh only) & isotropic elasticity(for MOE and poission's ratio(for skin and flesh both).

      I have created the geometry of the fruit in solidworks (assembly of plate, fruit(placed on the top of the plate and an indenter over the fruit). Please see the image below.

    • Sean Harvey
      Ansys Employee
      Hello,nOK, for I would use remote force. You can scope it to the top cylindrical portion of the indenter. Then you can right mouse button and promote it to a remote point. Then insert a remote displacement and scope that back to this remote point that was created during the promotion. This way we have 1 remote point with a remote force and a remote displacement both referring to that remote point.nYou can set you analysis time to be your end time from your time history, and in the remote force loading you can change to tabular and copy and paste your measured values.nTo prevent the indenter from moving at angle, on the remote displacement, specify constraints all all DOF, except the direction you are loading. This will prevent translation and rotation in unwanted directions.nTo see just the deformation on the fruit, insert the deformation, but then in the details window, change the geometry to be just the fruit/skin. When you look at results in the main menu it will have a filter that says scoped bodies. You can change that to all bodies then you will see all bodies, but only contours on the fruit etc.nSee how that helps and let us know. Thank you!nSean n
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