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Report- Ansys- solver target

    • nevertrust
      i have done simulation on explicit dynamics. When i view report I found Solver Target “ Autodyn” on analysis table as shown in attach file. What does it mean? Do i really need to do simulation through Autodyn for post processing. Further information will be provided as per need.

      waiting for your positive response.

      thank you.
    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

      ANSYS Mechanical is using the AUTODYN solver to carry out the analysis, just like it uses the MAPDL solver.

      You should still be able to Pre and Post process in Mechanical itself when using the Explicit Dynamics analysis system in WB.

    • nevertrust

      Thank you for your reply sir,


      Does it mean the solution which i get from ansys mechanical  is  post processing result?

      i want to attach image but it shows me problem to upload image.

      Thank you. 

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