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    • yutili

      I recently tried to do fluent calculations on cluster and after uploading the .cas file I need to add velocity output and animation using the command line. But I don't know how to achieve these actions, can I output the settings I made in fluent into command line?

      I checked the command user manual, which only has a general tutorial like  /solve/report-definitions/add , and I still can't output the data I want.

      I tried the journal file before, but it seems to record all my mouse actions, so I can't get a complete command.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Adding graphical output into Fluent via the TUI is straightforward but setting the display surfaces, camera angle etc is much less so. If you set up the model on a local machine with graphics can you create all of the contours/scenes etc and then the animations there? 

      For graphics you want /display  and /solve/execute-commands to then trigger the display. Note, if the model is run without graphics outputting images gets "interesting" as there isn't anything to display to. 

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