Requesting help regarding contuor plot of hemodynamic parameter at a definite time in cfd post

    • Noushin

      Dear Experts

      Our group in doing thesis on "effect of plaque on coronary artery". I have some basic questions regarding post processing in fluent.

      1.We ran the simulation for time period of 0.8sec. Now if I want to plot the velocity contuor at 0.35sec, should I chose .cas file or .cdat file?

      2.What is the difference between a .cas file and .cdat file

      3.What is the difference between load history as single case or separate case?

      4.For calculating average values such as time averaged wall shear stress (TAWSS) which file should I load? .cas file of 0.80 as a single case or .cdat file?


      I have seen the fluent user guide but could not solve my doubt. I am using ANSYS 19.2 for simulation.I am really hoping for a reply.

       Thank you


      Noushin Anan

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Fluent uses .cas (contains the mesh & all model settings) and .dat (contains the solution data, this needs a .cas file to be usable).  The .cdat is a cut down data file used in CFD Post which also needs a .cas file to work.  CFD stores the instantaneous data, so if you saved data at 0.35s you'll need the .dat or .cdat files for that timestep. 

      If you want averaged data either use the time statistics (data sampling in the Solve panel), these need to be turned on before you start iterating. If you want variable v time plots you can use a Report monitor to save these as plots and/or text files for off line processing. 


    • Noushin

      Thank you Sir!


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