Requirement system for the best lumerical performance

    • afshiin.a


      I want to get a system with the following specifications.

      processor: AMD RYZEN 9 3950x - 16 core, 32 thread, 64MB Cache

      RAM : 32 GB DDR4

      Question 1: Are these specifications suitable for Lumerical performance?

      Question 2: Is AMD processor better for Lumerical simulation or Intel processor?

      Question 3: Does having a graphics card affect computing speed and performance? If the answer is positive, Nvidia is better or AMD graphic card

    • Lito Yap
      Ansys Employee
      See this article on how hardware affects Lumerical (FDTD) simulations. The faster the Memory Bandwidth the better. For AMD RYZEN 9 3950, memory bandwidth: [memory speed in MHz]*[# memory channels]*[8 bytes]/1000 = 3200x2x8/1000 = 51.2 GB/s. See this post for details on how to obtain a simulation's optimum resource configuration on a computer.
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